Mastering the Art of Homemade Sour Gummies

Greetings to all the sweet enthusiasts from the heart of Duncan’s Sweet Shop! Have you ever dreamt of bringing the magical world of sour candies to your kitchen? Well, your dream is about to come true. Today, we’ll whisk you away on a culinary adventure as we unravel the delightful art of making homemade sour gummies.

The Basic Blueprint

Every masterpiece begins with a foundation. For sour gummies, it’s a blend of gelatine, sugar, and natural fruit juices. But, as always, the magic lies in the details.

  1. Gelatine: This is what gives your gummies that signature bounce. Opt for high-quality gelatine to ensure the best texture.
  2. Sugar: Balances the sourness and gives your gummies their sweet side.
  3. Fruit Juice: For the authentic fruity burst. Think classic sour apple sweets or exotic blue sour sweets. The choices are endless!

Adding the Pucker Factor

What’s a sour gummy without that tangy kick? The secret weapon: citric acid. Not only does it impart that familiar tartness found in sour patch sweets and sour belts, but it also enhances the fruitiness, making your homemade gummies truly shine.

Sour Patch Kids

Crafting Your Gummy Shapes

Now for the fun part! Pour your mixture into silicone moulds. From classic bears to playful sour worm sweets, let your imagination run wild. Remember those delightful sour fish sweets from childhood? Now’s your chance to recreate them!

The Sour Sugar Coating

Once your gummies are set, it’s time to roll them in a mixture of sugar and citric acid. This finishing touch gives them that iconic sour-sweet dual sensation reminiscent of the best sour fizzy sweets.

Flavour Combinations to Explore

  1. Sour Cherry: A timeless classic reminiscent of sour cherry sweets.
  2. Tropical Punch: Think vibrant pineapple with a hint of mango.
  3. Watermelon Zing: Evoking memories of those beloved sour watermelon sweets.

Safety & Storage

Homemade gummies, being free of preservatives, have a shorter shelf life. Store them in a cool, dry place and enjoy them within a week (if they last that long!).

There you have it, sweet aficionados! The beautiful realm of sour gummies isn’t as elusive as it seems. With a sprinkle of patience, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of love, you can recreate the wonders of Duncan’s Sweet Shop in your very own home.

Feeling inspired? We’d love to hear about your sour gummy adventures! Share your stories and creations with the Duncan’s Sweet Shop family, and let’s keep the sour sweet legacy alive and thriving.

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