Chatting with a Professional Candy Maker: The Secret of Sour

Greetings from Duncan’s Sweet Shop! Have you ever wondered what truly goes into crafting that perfect piece of sour cherry candy or the irresistibly tangy sour patch sweets? We had the privilege of sitting down with an acclaimed candy maker, Ms. Eleanor Hopkins, a veritable maestro in the world of sour sweets, to unearth some secrets.

Duncan’s Sweet Shop (DSS): Welcome, Eleanor. Let’s begin by understanding the role of acids in sour candies.

Eleanor Hopkins (EH): Thank you for having me! The essence of sour in candies like sour watermelon sweets and sour apple sweets predominantly comes from citric, malic, or tartaric acids. It’s a delicate balance to ensure the right tang without overpowering the palate.

Fascinating! With all these sour sweet options, from sour gummy bears to sour belts, how do you gauge the perfect sour intensity?

EH: It’s a mix of science and sensory evaluation. While tools measure the pH for safety, as a candy maker, you develop an instinctive palate. It’s why there’s such variation between super sour sweets and milder ones like sour skittles.

Our readers often rave about global sour sweet varieties, from American sour sweets to others. How do they differ?

EH: Globally, the love for sour is universal, but cultural palates define the nuances. For instance, Asian candies might use tamarind for sourness, while in the UK, citric acid is more popular. It’s a delightful tapestry of flavours!

What’s the most challenging sour candy you’ve ever made?

EH: Oh, that’d be the most sour sweets in the world challenge! Achieving that level of sourness without compromising on taste or safety was a journey. But seeing people’s reactions – priceless!

DSS: There’s a surge in demand for dietary specific candies like vegan sour sweets and halal sour sweets. Your take?

EH: It’s a commendable shift, ensuring everyone gets to experience the joy of sour candies. Innovating with plant-based gelling agents for sour jelly sweets or ensuring permissible ingredients makes candy-making even more exciting.

Before we wrap up, any fun anecdotes or insights you’d like to share?

EH: Certainly! Did you know the idea for sour candy spray came from a playful food fight in a candy lab? Sometimes, the most playful moments lead to the most mouth-puckering innovations!

Our heart-felt gratitude to Eleanor for giving us an illuminating peek into the vibrant world of sour candies. At Duncan’s Sweet Shop, we celebrate the artisans, the innovators, and the sheer joy that these tangy marvels bring to our lives. Here’s to the many tales and tastes that sour sweets continue to offer! 🍬🍭🍡

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